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Our curtain program offers many distinct advantages which include:

  1. Our qualified sales staff can meet with you at your farm and discuss different options, fabrics, and solutions to solving some of your farming needs, saving you time, money, and assuring you the best solution for your application.

  2. Our in house manufacturing allows OTA to customize solutions that specifically apply to your situation.  It also guarantees, the fit, production and application meet your complete satisfaction.  OTA has been custom manufacturing quality sewn products since 1876.

  3. OTA has the ability to provide professional installation and service for all products that we sell and manufacture

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The OTA Company offers a wide range of equipment covers for all your farming needs. Our professional sales team can meet you at your farm and discuss your specific needs and get you a quote for those exact needs, just contact us today.

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We also provide Barn Stall Curtains for types of events; County Fairs, Horse Shows, State Fairs and much more.

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The OTA Company has a ton to offer for your traveling needs, from tarp covers for your Semi, to a thicker canvas covers. We also service tarps and covers for dump trucks and more. Our Sales team can help you meet your specific design and needs. Just contact us now.

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